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When in Knock, you are Invited to visit Our Lady's House — 'Holy Love Information Centre, Main Street, Knock, Co. Mayo, Ireland' (We are located beside the Pharmacy).

There you can view the Wonderful St Michael the Archangel Monstrance, made especially for the 'Year of Faith'. This unique Monstrance contains a powerful Sacramental of the Catholic Church — an Agnus Dei which can only be blessed by a Pope.
The one contained in this Monstrance was Blessed by non other than Pope Leo XIII in 1888, the very same Pope who composed the St Michael the Archangel Prayer.

Agnus Deis are immersed in the water already blessed and mingled with Balsam and Chrism; while before and after this action the Pope utters the most solemn invocations, beseeching God to bless, sanctify, and consecrate these discs, imparting to them such power that whosoever should revere them with true faith and sincere piety might as indicated by the writings of Popes Urban V, Paul II, Julius III, Sixtus V, and Benedict XIV, participate in the following benefits and graces:

- The Agnus Dei fosters piety, banishes tepidity, preserves from face and disposes to virtue.
- That at sight or touch of the Lamb impressed on this waxen disc, the faithful should be inspired to dwell on the Mysteries of our Redemption recalled by this symbol; and be moved to praise, venerate, and extol God’s goodness to us, hoping to obtain pardon for their sins, and to be cleansed form all stain.
- The Agnus Dei is a protection from sudden and unprovided death.
- The Agnus Dei is a protection in combat, and have power to ensure victory.
- The Agnus Dei causes evil spirits to tremble and flee; that hailstones should case; tempests subside, and whirlwinds, lightning, and hurricanes should be dispelled.
- The Agnus Dei delivers from poison and, through Divine Intervention, the snares, wiles, and frauds of Satan should not prevail.
- The Agnus Dei is an excellent preventative against sickness, and is also an efficacious remedy — especially in cases of epilepsy.
- Thhe Agnus Dei dissipates hurricanes, calms whirlwinds, and keeps away tempests.
- The Agnus Dei saves from shipwreck and the danger of lightning and floods.
- The Agnus Dei preserves mothers and babies from peril and provide for a safe and easy delivery.
Agnus Dei blessed by Pope Leo XIII

At Holy Love Information Center, Main Street, Knock, you can obtain the Rosary of the Unborn (the new Sacramental for the world today to conquer abortion).

View the Crystal Rosary of Our Lady Queen of Peace and Mother of all of us Children, prayed on by Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Join Our Ladys Army of one Rosary a day for life in the world. Enroll in The Living Rosary of St Philomena (The Wonder Worker).

View the Proclamation of Pope John Paul II, Man of the Century.

View a very old picture of St Patrick, as well as a First Class Relic of Him.

View the Crystal Crown which Crowned Our Blessed Mother, Queen of The New Millennium. Down through the history of the Church and the world Our Blessed Mother has been bestowed with many titles ; this was bestowed on Her on 1999 / 2000.

When you visit Holy Love Information Center, you can obtain the Cloth of Fr. Peter Rookey - the healing Priest

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